Saturday, March 23, 2013

random pics

Pic1: Elie Tahari Strappy Sandals, Pic 2: my old vanity set up, Pic 3: necklace storage display

Ok, how awesome are these sexy strappy sandals? - Elie Tahari anyone? thank you Jewish Women's Council Thrift store !!! So if you live in the Los Angeles area you gotta check out the Jewish Women's Council Thrift stores, they have a few all over L.A. They can be a bit pricey at times for a thrift store but when they have their sale days, you can score amazing finds for great prices. Lots of Designer stuff !! Anyway i just had to show them to you, they are extremely well made and happen to fit me like a glove!
Ok the other two pics are just my old vanity display which i wanted to show you because its soon to be completely new and remade and awesome! i recently relocated for work and im planning a new decor for my bedroom and i can't wait to show you my plans....p.s. spray paint is involved. 
And part of my necklace collection , most of which is vintage by the way..... god i love jewelry, don't know why?

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