Thursday, April 18, 2013

Amazon Blouse

(Top: H&M Concious Collection, Pants: Kenar, Shoes: Audrey Brooke, Necklace: Macy's, Lipstick: Loreal #479 Coral Seduction, Watch: Guess, Sunnies: Gap, Bracelets: Vintage, Nailpolish: Revlon #640 Fearless)
 Ok so..... a couple of raves here, first of all how amazing is this blouse? I couldn't believe it when i saw it at H&M of all places (where i hardly ever shop anymore--their quality went down and prices went up) but anyway, this Amazon blouse was there, it kind of looks like a vintage scarf doesn't it? that's what i love about it, its super classy and so is the shape. Perfect for Spring, gosh i love it. I don't know why i don't have much green in my wardrobe??? it was my childhood favorite color. And then i paired this awesome necklace with it because the beads kind of look like leaves, what do ya think???
      Secondly, how awesome are these shoes??? If i told you the price you'd keel over (its that low) ....Clearance deal at DSW near my house. Anyway, but aren't they just gorgeous???? Suede and Leather combo, a little high for my taste but beauty is pain right girls??....Don't tell anyone but i got em in black as well ;-)  shhhhhhh........
Moral of the Story: when life hands you gorgeous designer sexy classy suede heels for $20.............. you don't say no.   You buy 2 

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