Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Red Candy

(Blouse: Thrifted vintage, Pants: Kenar, Bag: Arcadia, Sunnies: Gap, Shoes:Zara, Jewelry: Vintage, Watch: Fossil)

I know i havent written in a while, or even posted pics for a while but i've been super busy lately. This is a blouse i absolutely love and have been waiting to photograph for a while. Its a thrifted boutique peice from 80s-early90s and i found it in perfect condition. It reminded me of a Kate Spade type top only much cheaper and more unique. Isn't it gorgeous??? i just love this top. Its a great outfit for work with a blazer and possibly a scarf in same color scheme for chilly days. Ladies Remember to crop your pants and make them on the skinnier side, long boot-cut slacks are totally out and have been out for a while , so get with the program!!  xoxoxo

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