Sunday, October 28, 2012

Black & White Pattern Mix

(Blazer: Vintage, Pants: F21, T-shirt: Mossimo, Iphone case: Ebay, Neon Bracelet: BCBG generation, Shoes: Zara- old) 
        This is one of my favorite recent looks. First of all, i love these pants from Forever 21, they are Harem style and are similar cut to some of the high-street designs. They are a light and loose fabric so they are great for the hot Southern California weather and especially when transitioning from summer to fall; as we are doing now. This is a vintage Blazer also made of light linen fabric and the black and white pattern allows me to pair it with soooo many things including my colored jeans. 
         These shoes are old, I got them from Zara about 7 years ago !! and the reason i still have them is because of their classic shape and color. I'm a big believer of keeping shoes if you can answer yes to these following questions:
           1. Are they in good physical shape (not worn out or damaged)
           2. Do they have a timeless color: Black, White, Red, Brown, etc...
           3. Are they a solid color (no patterns or color mixes )
           4. Do they have a classy, timeless shape (non-trendy design)

My only other old pair are my cream Ann Taylor Shoes that are 11 years old !! And as you can see they follow my rules above. Here they are again: 

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